About Zac

Meet Zac, the creative powerhouse behind ZBM Media.

Wondering why "ZBM"? It's Zac's initials, symbolising the personalized touch and dedication you get when you invest in his expertise.
With a passion for storytelling and a talent for transforming ideas into captivating realities Zac has brought the visions of over 30 businesses to life.
For nearly two years under his own banner, and with five years of experience in the hospitality and retail sectors, Zac excels at networking and building strong client relationships. His expertise in social media marketing and media production enhances the digital presence of everyone he works with. Zac’s keen eye for detail ensures that every project shines. Zac is an invaluable partner in the world of media, and dedicated to his craft and his clients.
Whether you need innovative content creation or expert media strategy, Zac is the go-to guy who can make it happen.

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