Your Passionate Photographer & Videographer (For Social Media)

Hey, I'm Zac, the media guy at ZBM Media. I'm 22 years *young*.
Even though my beard makes me look 25+, it's a staple of my maturity.
I'll take the compliment if you thought I was older.
Anyway, you're most likely here to see what I'm about and what I do.
Essentially, I help take simple social media storytelling, and create content that draws eyeballs to your business / brand.
I've got plenty of tips & tricks to make your visual projects pop.
If you're interersted in updating your biz content, let's connect

"In social media and marketing, it's all about the long game.

Every social media post isn't just content; it's a step toward a bigger impact.

Embracing each post as a chance for progress —

It's that consistent 1% everyday energy we all need going forward in 2024."


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